Keep one step ahead in your industry.

Rolls-Royce has spent over 20 years supplying cutting edge solutions to industries around the world.

In extremely competitive markets, where downtime can result in significant lost revenue and even lost reputation, companies want to predict problems before they happen.

We offer a suite of solutions that help our customers minimise maintenance outages, eliminate unplanned shutdowns and maximise equipment usage - while also improving safety and proactively managing risk.

Ultimately, our solutions help to transform industrial firms into more profitable businesses that are able to both compete and comply.

Experience You Can Rely On

More Than 20 Years of Oil and Gas Industry Experience

We have over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Our Compliance & Process Assurance solutions are used in more than 1,600 oil and gas facilities by more than 65 oil and gas customers around the world.

Solutions Deployed on 80 Nuclear Units Across the Globe

Our solutions are also used to improve safety, increase reliability and manage risk on 80 nuclear units across the globe.

Predictive EHM Services to More Than 150 Equipment Assets

We deliver Equipment Health Monitoring services to more than 150 equipment assets as part of our global Asset Optimisation Centre (AOC).

Industrial Solutions

We have over 20 years supplying cutting edge solutions to industrial power companies around the world.