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Safety Management System Solution

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Enabling military air forces to manage risk and continuously improve safety standards.

Safety Management System Solution is an integrated, all-in-one Safety, Quality and Risk Management software solution developed for aviation organisations.

Bringing together a comprehensive set of easy-to-use tools, it is able to help military air forces reduce risk to public and staff safety while also ensuring compliance with global safety standards.

Safety Management System Solution assesses occurrence reports captured across an entire military operation, seeking out the root cause of any findings that are identified and then promoting an ongoing focus on corrective actions.

Not only does this process ensure that air forces are continuously improving their safety and quality standards, it also enables them to maintain a world-class Safety Management System (SMS) that meets industry best practice.

Ultimately, Safety Management System Solution helps our military customers to run a safer and more risk-focused operation.

Safety Management System Solution is used by over 100 customers worldwide, including leading international and regional airlines as well as airports, air traffic service providers, ground handlers, maintenance organisations and military air forces.


An Integrated Solution

With Safety Management System Solution, there is no need to purchase separate Safety, Quality and Risk Management software. Safety Management System Solution brings all of these elements together in a single, integrated solution.

Safety Management System Solution incorporates risk-related activities spanning an entire aviation organisation, covering everything from occurrence reporting right through to investigations, auditing, proactive risk assessments and corrective action tracking.

Accessible to All Staff

Safety Management System Solution’s system of web-based and offline information capture can be accessed by all staff across an entire organisation.

It provides a simple, direct and accurate process for submitting occurrence reports from the field to the relevant safety department.

Customisable Reporting Forms

On the basis that no two air forces are the same, Safety Management System Solution offers our clients the option to customise the forms being used to input occurrence information.

The tool comes with a number of default reporting forms commonly used by aviation organisations, with users given the opportunity to either modify these forms or design new ones from scratch.

Targeting the Root Case, Not the Symptom

Instead of addressing the symptoms, Safety Management System Solution targets the root causes of safety and quality problems.

Once root causes are identified, ongoing corrective and preventative actions can then be implemented to address the real issues, reducing the risk of recurrence and enabling a continuous improvement in safety and quality standards.

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