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Enabling air forces around the world to significantly reduce oil-wetted component issues.

JetSCAN® is one of the defence industry’s leading oil debris analysis tools.

In a step up from more traditional, basic approaches to oil debris analysis, JetSCAN® captures oil system debris and then uses material type and risk algorithms to produce fast, accurate and timely warnings of potential oil-wetted component problems.

Given the high‐risk nature of military flight operations, this unparalleled capability makes JetSCAN® a must-have tool for any air force or maintenance support facility.

By significantly reducing bearing-related mishaps, it can help to bring about the increased aircraft availability and reduced maintenance costs that military fleet operators are under constant pressure to deliver.

JetSCAN®’s powerful analytical, data‐interpretation and trending tools are all housed in a self-contained, turnkey unit that is mobile, robust and easy to deploy. And if any problems should arise, our customers have access to comprehensive technical support, 24x7.

A proven and trusted solution, JetSCAN® is used by the air forces of 16 countries around the world in support of many different engine types.


An Advanced Approach to Oil Debris Analysis

Buried deep within an engine, bearings are tricky to monitor using traditional methods. JetSCAN® succeeds by using advanced scanning electron microscope and energy-dispersive X-ray technologies to analyse oil debris samples collected from magnetic chip detectors and/or oil filters.

Embedded expert knowledge of the engine design is then developed into an algorithm, enabling JetSCAN® to deliver a full evaluation and interpretation of the analytical data - and in some cases a “fly/no fly” recommendation.

Reduced Need to Remove the Engine

JetSCAN® is well suited to differentiating between benign “normal function" debris and active wear debris – the latter being more indicative of conditions that require operation or maintenance action.

In some cases, this capability to pinpoint problem areas and their significance/risk can prevent engine removal, saving on both expense and downtime.

An Easy-to-Use Solution

JetSCAN® is an intuitive, automated system that can be operated with minimal training. Maintenance personnel will be able to produce fast, accurate and objective results with little domain knowledge or specialist experience.

The unit comes in a ruggedised, high impact case with integrated wheels, handles and fork-lift points for fast and easy set up and deployment.

Comprehensive Customer Support

JetSCAN® customers receive comprehensive technical support. In addition to a 24x7 Help Desk (contract dependant), we have support centres staffed with experienced engineers who are ready to help with any problems that may arise.

Many customers also choose to have access to a secure website, which serves as a useful resource for operating procedures, user manual updates and additional JetSCAN® “community” information.

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