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Enabling military aircraft operators to measure and track fuel efficiency initiatives and identify improvement areas.

Today’s military aircraft are expected to operate in an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive manner, placing effective fuel management firmly on the agenda.

Efficiency Management is a software solution designed to help military operators understand aircraft fuel consumption and the impact of their decisions on range, performance and engine life.

By providing an unparalleled insight into fuel usage across an entire fleet, Efficiency Management enables operators to introduce fuel saving measures that not only reduce costs but also diminish the impact of emissions on the environment.

Put simply, Efficiency Management helps our defence customers to achieve more with less.

Efficiency Management is a proven solution that has been implemented by defence organisations worldwide.


Accurate Budgeting and Forecasting for Reduced Fuel Costs

Fuel consumption is affected by many factors, involving air crew, maintenance, planning, and logistics staff. By analysing flight and planning data, Efficiency Management provides insight into the effect of operational decisions on fuel usage.

Efficiency Management is also able to highlight areas of potential fuel savings, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of changed behaviours.

Custom Reports for Use by All Fuel Decision-Makers

Efficiency Management’s custom reports can be tailored to help decision-makers across a defence organisation deliver fuel savings. We also provide a suite of existing reports that have shown their value for different markets and operators.

Whether it is the logistics department accurately predicting squadron fuel requirements or flight operations staff reducing excess landing fuel, Efficiency Management provides the insight they need.

A Fully Supported, Flexible Solution to Ongoing Fuel Management

Suitable for use by air forces of all sizes, Efficiency Management can be tailored to meet individual needs and budgets.

It is also completely flexible and scalable, with the capability to grow as an organisation’s fuel management requirements develop over time.

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