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Reliable low heat-to-fuel pumping solutions for a more efficient aero engine operation.

We are experts in supplying main engine fuel pumps to the Civil Aerospace Industry.

Our low heat rejection pumps provide a solution to the increasing fuel temperatures experienced on modern aircraft. By ensuring that fuel doesn’t overheat, our pumps allow engines to have less complex, heavy and costly heat management systems in place – ultimately making them much more efficient.

Our pumps are proven to achieve long-lives on-wing, reducing the cost of ownership for our customers while also providing them with a highly reliable and durable solution.

We supply a wide range of fuel pumps, from centrifugal to both fixed and variable positive displacement pumps. Our variable displacement pumps alone have clocked up well in excess of 450 million flying hours – a unique achievement within the aero engine industry.

Our vast experience of fuel pump solutions stretches back 75 years. During this time we have supplied everything from pumps for small auxiliary power units to pumps capable of delivering 6000 imperial gallons/hr for large commercial engines.

Today our patented low heat-to-fuel pump solutions are deployed by civil airlines around the world, and on engines such as the Trent 1000 for the Boeing 787 and the Trent XWB for the Airbus A350-1000.


Low pressure stage

Our pumping units usually consist of a low pressure stage that can cope with vapour caused by exceptional low pressures and high fuel temperatures at inlet.

This prepares the fuel for the high pressure stage, which operates with high volumetric efficiencies to ensure the engine can be re-started at exceptionally low pump speeds.

Unique Bearing and Gear Teeth

We provide gear pumps with unique bearing and gear teeth features that help to extend the life of the pump considerably.

Our pumps have been proven to achieve 28,000 hours of on-wing life.

Low Weight, High Load Carrying Bearing Technology

Our pumps feature unique, long-life fuel lubricated bearing technologies.

By avoiding the need for oil lubrication, we are able to supply our customers with a lower weight pumping solution.

Split-Discharge Fixed Displacement Pumping Systems

We also provide a novel split-discharge fixed displacement pumping system that combines simplicity with low temperature rises.

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