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Fuel Metering Units - FMU

Output ports to a fuel metering unit

High accuracy flow metering for optimised engine performance and efficiency.

Our FMUs are used to control the quantity of fuel delivered to an engine’s combustion system. Robust and reliable, they offer a highly accurate fuel metering capability that enables an engine to achieve optimum performance.

This high level of accuracy is achieved thanks to our novel, patented SmartCal™ technology, which allows the FMU to provide the Electronic Engine Control (EEC) with a precise calibration that is unique to each unit.

Our FMUs are built to withstand the high fuel temperatures of modern aircraft, as well as being capable of tolerating the by-products of fuel break-down. The units also enable in-flight engine re-starts at exceptionally low pump speeds (down to 4% of rated pump speed).

We have over 75 years of fuel control experience. Our FMUs have been used on a range of applications, from small auxiliary power units to the largest Trent engines - In each case helping the customer to optimise performance, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.


Patented Electronic SmartCal™ Technology

The units feature our patented electronic SmartCal™ technology, which provides the EEC with the unique calibration for the specific FMU fitted to the engine. This enables us to provide a more accurate fuel metering capability.

SmartCal™ provides a number of benefits, including reduced build time (and hence lower cost). On certain applications the engine manufacturer has been able to rely on our FMU’s accuracy and eliminate the separate flow meter that is usually fitted to an engine.

Operating in a Harsh Environment

FMUs have to operate across a wide fuel temperature range, typically -54°C to over 180°C. Our units feature built-in thermal compensation and avoid both the temporary and permanent changes in calibration that can result from changes in temperature.

Our units are also robust to the by-products of fuel break-down, ensuring reliable performance is maintained even at extreme temperatures.

Innovative Control Solutions That Enable System Benefits

As the fuel system integrator, we are able to put in place innovative control solutions that enable benefits to the overall fuel system.

For example, we have a patented split discharge control system for fixed displacement fuel pumps that reduces the heat rejected to fuel. This enables the engine manufacturer to reduce the complexity, weight and cost of their fuel cooling system.

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