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Engine Health Management

Analysis parts and equipment

Accurately predict aircraft equipment failures at the earliest possible point in time.

Engine Health Management (EHM) is a cutting edge management solution that has been used by more than 300 civil airline operators over more than 40,000 engine years of service.

Unlike other more basic trending and monitoring systems, EHM identifies and gathers only the data that matters - continuously analysing it on an automated 24x7 basis to detect issues as soon as they emerge.

This process ensures that any potential equipment failures are diagnosed and dealt with early on, helping to reduce problems such as flight delays, cancellations, in-flight shutdowns and unscheduled engine removals.

Engine Health Management, which underpins the TotalCare® brand, is used to monitor the engines and other aircraft equipment of leading manufacturers .

Engine Health Management lets operators take control of the future of their equipment. Not only does it enable increases in productivity, safety, efficiency and availability, it also drives down costs.


A Collaborative Approach, 24x7

Our world-class Engine Health Management service and development teams support global airline operators around the clock, working closely with them to solve their equipment problems.

Our systems are open and extensible, and we believe in sharing our knowledge and capability with our customers in order to achieve collective success.

Our Enterprise Service Centre

Continuous automated diagnostic processing underpins our 24×7 enterprise service centre.

Over 15,000 engine reports are processed through Engine Health Management each day, with alerts and analysed data typically available for operator review on the web within five minutes of receipt.

Life After the Alert

Don’t worry – our role doesn’t stop at the point of diagnosis. Life after the alert is equally important in a successful solution.

Our services and systems enable actions to be tracked to closure, with the capturing of outcome knowledge helping to drive continuous improvement.

Assists With ETOPS Approval

As part of the ETOPS (Extended range Twin Operation) programme, airline operators are required to have an appropriate engine condition monitoring system in place.

As such, airlines that have implemented the Engine Health Management solution are well-placed to gain and maintain ETOPS approval.

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