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Fault Tree Analysis - CAFTA

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CAFTA is a software application used for undertaking event tree and fault tree analysis of complex systems. It is a flexible, intuitive tool that can be used by a single risk analyst or an entire project team.

Aerospace applications often require a perspective of how failure can occur in a system with many layers of redundancy. FTA provides a disciplined way to decompose a complex system into its constituent parts and investigate the places where a common root cause affects multiple layers. CAFTA enables its users to do two things:

  • Visualise and understand the interplay between individual component failures and failure of the whole system.
  • Quantify risk and rank the dominant risk contributors to provide a basis for “risk-informed” decisions.

Developed by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), CAFTA has been widely used in the aerospace and nuclear industries for over 30 years.

In collaboration with EPRI, we have formed a unique partnership to fulfil client needs for CAFTA. EPRI is a non-profit corporation, and serves a demanding community of risk analysts in the nuclear industry. CAFTA’s 30-year history parallels the evolving needs of these users. As a result, it has become a tool that meets, and in many cases far exceeds, the needs of risk analysts in other industries.

Our expertise in these other industries allows us to match CAFTA’s powerful technology with emerging opportunities. As a licensed re-seller of CAFTA, we are able to deliver the tool into new settings and help accelerate the rate of transformation into a “risk-aware” culture.

CAFTA: teamwork and complex reliability analysis have never been easier to achieve.


Easy To Use

Fault-tree building is as simple as typing “A or B C”. Users are able to browse a fault tree in an intuitive way, without the artificial boundaries of page breaks.

Understandable to a Range of Users

CAFTA is able to communicate effectively to a range of users. Styles can be applied, logic gates can be expanded or collapsed, and subtrees can be split or merged to make CAFTA understandable to different audiences.

A Powerful Application

CAFTA automates complex model-management jobs such as inserting common-cause failure (CCF) events, carrying out circular logic checks, checking for independence, pruning modules, quantification, filtering and comparing cutsets, and paginating reports.

Extend CAFTA Capability with Scripting and Add-Ins

CAFTA models often grow to contain several thousand gates and basic events. The recurring need to review and update these models can become labour intensive. CAFTA allows users to automate these labour-intensive tasks. Users are able to write scripts to perform recurring tasks, and build program add-ins to put more interactive elements into the CAFTA program.

This achieves the ideal balance in a software product. EPRI’s high quality standards deliver its core functionality. And at the same time, the system can accommodate special functions designed by individual users.


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