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Highly reliable actuators that are built to last – even in the harshest of environments.

Rolls-Royce provides civil airlines around the world with highly reliable and durable fueldraulic actuators.

Typically used to position the inlet guide vanes in the compressor stages of gas turbine aero-engines, actuators play a vital role in ensuring that an engine delivers optimum performance while also operating in a safe manner.

Mounted on the core of an engine – a hot, harsh environment – our actuators are proven not only to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, but to keep working – fit and forget.

This dependable and reliable operation ultimately ensures low costs of ownership for our customers.

Used on all sizes of engines, our actuators help to power corporate aircraft as well as both narrow-body and wide-body commercial aircraft.


Ability To Withstand A Harsh Environment

Despite typically operating in a hot, harsh environment at the core of an aircraft engine, our actuators exhibit exceptional reliability.

When mounted on our Trent engines, the units have been proven to achieve well in excess of four million flying hours between confirmed defects.

A Long On-Engine, In-Service Life

Our actuators are made using long-life, low-friction dynamic sealing and bearing technologies.

These features help to ensure that the units have a long on-engine, in-service life operating at extreme temperatures and pressures.

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