Process Risk Management

Helping our Customers to Manage Risk and Enhance Safety while Reducing the Cost of Regulatory Compliance.

For over 15 years our Process Risk Management expertise has been helping organisations around the world to improve safety, effectively manage risk, and sharpen responsiveness to ever-changing industry regulations and safety standards.

During this time we have delivered our innovative Process Risk Management solutions to a diverse set of clients, including civil aviation, oil and gas, manufacturing and chemical processing companies.

Using our extensive knowledge of best practice, we automate essential processes and provide visibility of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to increase safety awareness across an organisation. We also assess occurrence reports, identifying the root causes of any issues and then promoting an ongoing focus on corrective actions.

Not only does this process ensure that operators are continuously enhancing safety and quality standards, it also enables them to maintain a world class Safety Management System (SMS) and comply with Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) regulations in a more controlled and cost-effective manner.

By improving safety and driving down costs, we can help our customers to create a more sustainable and profitable business - while preserving or even enhancing their corporate reputation.


Automation of Processes

We can replace spreadsheets and error-prone manual processes with smart automation, increasing productivity, efficiency and visibility as a result. Our Process Risk Management solutions provide high value information, fast.

Improved Compliance

Our Process Risk Management solutions make compliance more controlled, timely and consistent, enabling our customers to continually avoid incurring any penalties or fines that result from non-compliance.

Beneficial to Staff at All Levels

Our flexible solutions can be applied across an entire organisation or on a site-by-site basis, supporting knowledge-based decision making and enabling timely action by many different levels of staff.

Keeping Safety Information in One Place

By providing a single repository for all safety information, our Process Risk Management solutions enable data to be easily shared across an organisation.

Creating a Safety-focused Culture

We provide our customers with the tools they need to create and nurture a safety-focused culture, without compromising on productivity or costs.

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