Maintenance Management

Helping Businesses Optimise their Maintenance Activities.

We understand the importance of maintenance. Whether it is an airline repairing its aircraft, or an oil and gas plant overhauling a pipeline, it is essential that critical assets are constantly maintained.

We also recognise how expensive this maintenance can be. This is why our solutions are designed to help organisations improve how they manage their maintenance activities and the associated costs.

By turning raw data into actionable information, we provide an insight into how assets are performing, as well as how they are likely to perform in the future – enabling operators to strike a balance between asset availability and cost of maintenance.

Our maintenance management capability helps companies to develop long term maintenance plans, optimise the scheduling of maintenance work, and reduce the time required for major Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MR&O).

The resulting benefits include reductions in maintenance costs, less disruption to business, and improved asset availability.

Proven in practice, our maintenance management solutions are currently used within the Group to support our aftermarket services.


Transforming Data into Actionable Information

We are able to transform large volumes of data into actionable information and insight. This allows a business to improve how it manages maintenance activities and the associated costs through better work scope management.

Long-Term Maintenance Planning

By providing an accurate forecast of maintenance work and major MR&O events - as well as the level of labour and material required to support these activities – we enable our customers to develop credible, long-term maintenance plans and associated financial cost models.

Risk-Based Scheduling

Our risk-based scheduling solution brings together data from a number of sources to highlight which assets are most at risk. This enables us to generate a risk assessment that can be used by our customers to prioritise and schedule maintenance activities - balancing risk with asset availability, capacity of maintenance resources and cost of operations.


Lifing provides calculated predictions on the life span of an equipment component, leading to increased in-service capability and more efficient maintenance planning.

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