High Integrity Control Systems

Safety Critical Solutions that Can Operate in the Harshest of Environments.

We design, manufacture, test and support high integrity aircraft engine control systems that keep on performing - even in the most demanding environments.

Whether it is a an Electronic Engine Control, an Equipment Health Monitoring solution or a Fuel Pumping and Control System, our products are built to withstand the effects of extreme temperatures, excessive vibration, high altitude and even lightning strikes.

This capability ensures that our customers benefit from robust, optimised systems, with low through-life costs and minimal disruption in service.

Our state-of-the-art control systems are used on a number of high profile aero engines across a broad spectrum of aircraft, including the Trent XWB for the Airbus A350, the Trent 1000 which powers the Boeing 787, the BR725 for the Gulfstream G650 corporate jet, the AE 1107C used on the novel Bell Boeing tilt-rotor V-22 Osprey, and the PT6C on the new Airbus Helicopters EC175.

In addition to the aerospace industry, our solutions have been selected for other markets, where safety and/or harsh environment are key factors, including the marine and nuclear sectors.


A Single Solution

We are responsible for each stage in the process of delivering our high integrity solutions. We take care of the design, manufacture and testing, as well as we provide our customers with comprehensive through-life support.

Harsh Environment Control Systems

All of our solutions are designed to continue operating in the harshest of environments – withstanding everything from high levels of vibration to extreme temperatures, to ensure there are no interruptions to safety-critical functions.

Solutions for a Vast Spectrum of Requirements

We supply control systems for a vast spectrum of requirements, from small airframe auxiliary power units and helicopter engines, to front-line military aircraft and the latest generation of business and large passenger jets.

Lean Product Development

By applying lean product development principles, we are able to provide our solutions using re-useable building blocks. This has dramatically reduced the cost, time and risk on new development programmes. As part of our obsolescence strategy, we have also designed and produced our own safety-critical control processor.

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