Equipment Condition Management

Providing Today's Organisations with an Insight Into Tomorrow's Equipment Problems.

We offer a range of Equipment Condition Management solutions that enable our customers to detect, diagnose, and prioritise issues with critical equipment at the earliest possible point in time.

From civil airlines to nuclear power plants, an array of organisations around the world use our tools and services to help them understand the true condition of their assets, and make better, more informed business decisions.

By taking this more proactive approach to equipment management, our customers are able to benefit from increased asset availability and performance, improved safety and compliance, and also reduced maintenance costs.

These factors all help to maximise profit and, ultimately, create a more sustainable business.

We currently monitor over 12,000 assets within Rolls-Royce, delivering real and measurable value around the clock and around the globe.


Fewer “Surprises”

Our Equipment Condition Management solutions can help to detect and prevent exceptional events. This means fewer unwanted equipment-related “surprises”, as well as increased availability, safety, compliance and profitability.

Work Scope Optimization

We also help our customers to optimise their work scope by focusing on the key equipment issues, and only fixing the items that need fixing. This helps to reduce maintenance downtime, maximise component life, and make the best use of resources.

Integration with Other Capabilities

Our Equipment Condition Management solutions integrate well with our Maintenance Management, Compliance & Process Assurance, and Operations Optimisation solutions to deliver benefit across the entire organisation.

A Short and Long-Term Return on Investment

By immediately examining the key issues a customer is facing, we are able to provide a quick and reliable return on investment. This return is not only sustainable in the long-term but continuously improves with time.

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