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Improve safety, increase reliability and manage risk in the most efficient way possible.

Being able to meet today’s complex, changing regulatory requirements while maintaining a competitive edge AND protecting a workforce, the community and the environment is critical to a company’s success.

History shows that a single incident can have a devastating impact on a company, the community and the environment. Managing the risk of such an incident occurring effectively and efficiently to reduce the likelihood is something no-one can afford to ignore.  

Incidents happen. We believe every incident is preventable, and that VISIUMKMS™ (Knowledge Management System) offers the best opportunity to maximise the success of a company’s safety programmes.

VISIUMKMS™ is a fully automated, web-based suite of management tools used by some of the world’s largest oil and gas producers and refiners. It has a pedigree of almost 20 years, with over 65 customers and more than 500,000 combined end users.

A single, mature and proven solution, VISIUMKMS™ provides these customers with the process and insight they need to manage risk and safety effectively. It also helps to create and nurture a safety-focused culture – without compromising productivity or costs.


A web-based tool suitable for organisations of all sizes

VISIUMKMS™ caters for any organisation regardless of size, ranging from single sites to multiple, geographically-dispersed, multilingual operations.

Fully-integrated and web-based, it provides the real time information and visibility our customers need to remain competitive and compliant.

Organisations of all sizes

Designed by Process Safety Management experts

VISIUMKMS™ has been designed and developed by Process Safety Management experts who understand the best of breed practices and the legislation that underpins it.

This proven solution helps companies to comply with ever-changing legislation and industry best practice, while also meeting continual improvement targets.

Process safety management experts

Real time information for better decision making

VISIUMKMS™, is a single source of safety and risk data, structured so that reports, trends and Key Performance Indicators can be easily created and viewed, and because the data and processes are consistent, it’s possible to benchmark and compare data across an organisation.

Real time reporting with the latest information allows customers to see how they are performing, and identify issues quickly that might require management intervention.

Real time information

A modular approach

VISIUMKMS™ comprises 6 modules: Resolution Tracker, Investigator, Auditor, PHA Workshop, BadgerMail™ and Risk Intelligence.

This modular approach - offering integrated business process specific workflows to manage Audits, Incidents, Change and Risk Assessments - provides a holistic, real time view of an organisation’s safety programme through the Risk Intelligence module.

Modular approach


Resolution Tracker

Unmanaged, uncontrolled change is one of the biggest risks to any organisation. Management of change is a fundamental part of any safety programme, without which incidents will continue to happen.

VISIUMKMS™ Resolution Tracker provides the tools to control, manage and learn from an organisation’s change and improvement programme, ensuring changes are appropriately analysed, de-risked and implemented.

Resolution Tracker helps our customers to maintain a safety programme, increase efficiency in managing change and promote a safety culture. Using a consistent, standardised, best practice workflow to produce a controlled change programme enables continual improvement to become a reality.  

Resolution tracker


Effectively recording incidents and unwanted events in a consistent, structured manner through Investigator allows investigation, analysis and sharing of lessons learned from any type of event.

Whatever the type of event, Investigator will not only capture the information but also ensure that corrective actions are implemented through Resolution Tracker, reducing the potential of a repeat occurrence.


PHA Workshop

Conducting Risk Assessment reviews through Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Workshop allows focused analysis of possible risks and actions using recognised standard methods (including HAZOP, What if, Job Safety Analysis and Checklists). Identifying where risks may occur allows proactive generation of actions to mitigate the identified risks

Fully integrated with Resolution Tracker, PHA Workshop enables actions identified to be managed to closure, giving confidence that risks are being managed and mitigated effectively.

Pha workshop


Having confidence that internal controls are being applied organisation-wide, and being able to demonstrate compliance with mandatory quality-management elements of ISO-9000, ISO-14000 and other international standards is a key element of a safety culture. Identifying and correcting anomalies efficiently to improve business reliability and facilitate continuous improvement is the desired result of any audit programme.

Auditor enables organisations to plan, prepare, conduct, report and learn from an Audit programme, with identified non-compliances managed to completion through Resolution Tracker. Auditor allows any type of audit to be planned and conducted in a consistent manner, so that reporting on the overall audit programme status and effectiveness can be achieved via the Risk Intelligence module.



Proactively knowing what needs to be actioned when and by whom allows a more effective, efficient use of valuable resources, time and effort. BadgerMail™ is a fully configurable notification system that allows VISIUMKMS™ users to receive assignments and reminders of open action items via email, and go directly to the item assigned to complete the action quickly.

Customisable with rules appropriate to each business unit in an organization, specific to the type of action or approval needed, BadgerMail™ also supports broadcasting information on an event occurrence that requires a wider audience. Escalation rules can be set up so that overdue items are followed up.


Risk Intelligence

Knowing the current status of progress within an organisation means that priorities can be changed or assistance offered to ensure that actions are completed and risk mitigated. Risk Intelligence provides high level Dashboards of the data captured within KMS reflecting vital KPIs and the current status, providing the insight needed to drive real business improvement.

Identifying Trends, using filters to hone in on a specific issue, coupled with the ability to drill down to actual data to understand issues and anomalies, provides a powerful management tool at any level to drive improvement.

Risk intelligence
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VISIUMKMS™ Datasheet

For additional information and key facts, download the data sheet for VISIUMKMS™, our aircraft risk & safety management monitoring monitoring solution.

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