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Defence Aero

Defence Aero

Helping defence forces around the world to establish leaner, fitter and “smarter” military fleet operations.

We have been at the forefront of leading-edge industry developments for decades, dating back to our pioneering pumps and engine controls for the Whittle jet engine. 

Today, our cutting edge engine systems, actuation controls and data services enable military operators to manage complex equipment, predict equipment failures, improve overall maintenance and increase engine availability across an entire fleet.

Our systems and products have been utilised on a range of aircraft, including transport, unmanned and training planes as well as multi-role fighters. 

Through this experience we have developed the capability to increase performance and mission availability, while also helping to reduce cost and risk - all without compromising on safety and effectiveness.

Our Solutions

Experience you can rely on

Over 15 years of experience in the defence industry

Delivered by a team of highly experienced industry experts, our proven solutions have been helping defence organisations around the world for over 15 years.

15 years experience

Supporting over 15 military customers across the globe

At CDS we are proud to supply products and services to our parent company Rolls-Royce, as well as over 15 other military customers across the globe - including United States Marine Corps, Royal Air Force and Royal Saudi Air Force.

15 military customers

Solutions that are proven in the field

We offer trusted solutions that have been deployed by a number of different military operators, and across various fleet types – from fast combat aircraft to helicopters.

Proven in the feild

Defence Aero Solutions

Our solutions help defence forces around the world to establish leaner, fitter and “smarter” military fleet operations.