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Enabling aviation organisations around the world to manage risk and continuously improve safety standards.

VISIUMAQD™ is an integrated, all-in-one safety and risk management software solution developed for the aviation industry.

Bringing together a comprehensive set of easy-to-use tools, it helps aviation organisations reduce risk to public and staff safety while also ensuring compliance with global safety standards.

VISIUMAQD™ assesses occurrence reports captured across an entire business, seeking out the root cause of any findings that are identified and then promoting an ongoing focus on corrective actions.

Not only does this process ensure that operators are continuously improving their safety and quality standards, it also enables them to maintain a world-class Safety Management System (SMS) that meets ICAO, IATA and National Airworthiness Authority guidelines.

Ultimately, VISIUMAQD™ helps airline operators to build a trusted brand and a profitable, sustainable business.

VISIUMAQD™ is used by over 100 customers worldwide, including leading international and regional airlines as well as airports, air traffic service providers, ground handlers and maintenance organisations.

Our key customers include Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, AviancaTACA, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, COPA Iberia, Garuda, Gulf Air, jetBlue, LAN, Malaysian Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airline, Singapore Airlines, Swissport, LATAM, Turkish Airlines, Volaris and Westjet.


An integrated solution

With VISIUMAQD™ there’s no need to purchase separate Safety, Quality and Risk Management software. AQD brings all of these elements together in a single, integrated solution.

VISIUMAQD™ incorporates risk-related activities spanning an entire aviation organisation, covering everything from occurrence reporting right through to investigations, auditing, proactive risk assessments and corrective action tracking.

Integrated solution

Accessible to all staff

VISIUMAQD’s system of web-based and offline information capture can be accessed by all staff across an entire organisation.

It provides a simple, direct and accurate process for submitting occurrence reports from the field to the relevant safety department. 

Accessible to all staff

Customisable reporting forms

On the basis that no two airlines are the same, VISIUMAQD™ offers our clients the option to customise the forms being used to input occurrence information.

The tool comes with a number of default reporting forms commonly used by aviation organisations, with users given the opportunity to either modify these forms or design new ones from scratch.

Customisable reports

Targeting the root cause, not the symptom

Instead of addressing the symptoms, VISIUMAQD™ targets the root causes of safety and quality problems.

Once root causes are identified, ongoing corrective and preventative actions can then be implemented to address the real issues, reducing the risk of recurrence and enabling a continuous improvement in safety and quality standards.

Targeting the root

VISIUMAQD™ Customer Quotes

Garuda Indonesia’s choice to go with AQD as its Safety Management System (SMS) is part of its effort to improve its safety quality. “In line with our long-term expansion program, and due to the fact that traffic volumes continue to increase, we are always committed to constantly improving our safety and complying with global flight safety standards.” Mr. Herupratomo said.

Mr. Herupratomo also said that AQD is widely used and recognised as a high quality product, and that as the program moves towards being completely browser-based, this will enable their staff right across the organisation to report incidents and be assigned corrective actions.

Novijanto Herupratomo

Executive Vice President (EVP) Operations of Garuda Indonesia

Garuda client Logo

AQD reflects a real step forward for Cathay Pacific”. We have successfully used AQD for our quality audits for many years and now the timing is right for us to move to an integrated safety and quality database system. Most important we know that AQD is backed by aviation safety professionals who understand our requirements.

Richard Howell

Head of Corporate Safety

Cathay pacific client logo

As a long-time partner of Superstructure Group, we have seen AQD mature to a web-based tool that provides us on-the-go accessibility to our system and serves as our platform to support SMS implementation and dozens of programs related to Safety, Compliance, and Operations through a number of departments.

The single database and common system aligns with our efforts to become a more standard airline and helps reduce costs with less complex IT maintenance requirements as well as a single access point and common methodology for retrieving all information relating to those programs, translating to time savings from resource-intensive querying to higher payback projects. Periodic reviews of other opportunities in the market have led us back to AQD as the most viable tool with best cost/benefit ratio. Conferences are a good opportunity to learn and share best practices with airlines from across the world in an open, friendly environment.

Péricles Maranhão Neto

Senior Analyst Safety Data

jetblue airways client logo

Using the data that we capture and manage using AQD, has allowed us to move from a reactive to proactive safety management process.

Jim Tallant

Director, Safety and Quality

Swissport client logo

AQD has been a very important tool for TAM Airlines, not only to manage Flight Safety database, but it also gave us the opportunity to integrate processes company -wide between operational and occupational safety, security and quality assurance programs by sharing information in an easy way. The risk management in an ISMS cannot be implemented successfully without suitable means; AQD has helped it come through. TAM Airlines has an advantage by having this important resource.

Daniel R Guillaumon

Operational Quality Manager

Tam Airlines client logo

AQD underlines Olympic Air’s determination to pick the best practice systems and procedures from around the world in order to ensure that our commitment to Quality, Safety and Comfort will establish the highest possible level of reliability and effectiveness towards both, our customers and employees from the very beginning of our operations.

Captain Georgios Mitselos

Quality Manager

Olympics airline client logo

State-of-the-art AQD software bears testimony to our commitment to excellence in aviation safety and our efforts to become the carrier of choice. The new system will set a new benchmark for aviation safety management in the region. This new system will help us achieve our business goal to have the best safety performance and move beyond mere compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Paolo Fitz

VP Safety

Gulf air client logo

We aim to use the advantages of AQD for reporting and measuring purposes with the awareness that AQD is one of the best applications in terms of Safety, Quality and Risk Management in the Aviation Industry.

Selman Nas, PhD

SVP Quality Assurance

Turkish airlines client logo

AQD fits our requirements for data gathering and reporting perfectly. We use AQD as a centralised tool for managing our occurrence, investigation and audit data which means we can quickly and easily cross reference data between Safety and Quality. In addition, with the electronic capture, storage and sharing of information AQD is helping us a lot with our campaign to reduce paper usage.

Julieta Chavez

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

Philippine airlines client logo

It is a good system which is easy to access. It allows you to customize your reports and provides a dashboard for easy management of tasks. AQD was chosen because of its potential to connect with data from other airlines, introducing the possibility of benchmarking.

We believe that AQD will reduce the hours spent collecting and classifying incident reports, freeing up staff to do more high-end work identifying risks and analysing risk trends. 

Captain Daniel Liu

Assistant Vice President, Corporate Safety

China airlines client logo

Safety has always been one of our main focuses, so moving to a fully integrated, web based solution, was the logical step and a key factor in deciding to go with AQD. We feel we are getting the best technology available in the market, enabling us to improve our safety management and compliance tools.

Mauricio Moran Alfaro

Flight Safety & Quality Assurance Director

Volaris airlines client logo

We like the capability of AQD as a fully integrated solution linking Safety, Quality and Risk. We value the ability to integrate all activities in one database, allowing us to have multiple AOCs.

Carlos Molina

Director of Operational Services, AviancaTACA

Taca airlines client logo

As the market leader, AQD is well-known and reliable, and used by many well-known airlines. It facilitates SMS compliance in a web-based environment, including the capability to identify potential hazards and then analyze risk.

José Ramón Fernández de la Morena

Head of Flight Safety, Flight Operations

iberia airlines client Logo

We feel that AQD has functional superiority and the process AQD follows is very strong. The key thing for us is the integrated solution of Safety, Quality and Risk. We received a very strong reference from other users - we felt the model for hazard identification in safety and quality was very useful. 

Hector Aravena Magaña

Safety Manager

Ian-star client logo
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VISIUMAQD™ Datasheet

For additional information and key facts, download the data sheet for VISIUMAQD™, our aircraft risk & safety management monitoring solution.

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