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Fuel Management - VISIUMFUEL™

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A proven, cost-saving approach to the management of aircraft fuel consumption.

Fuel consumption can account for as much as 40% of an airline’s operational costs, so it is crucial to manage it effectively.

VISIUMFUEL™ is a software solution designed to help civil aviation organisations of all sizes do exactly that.

By providing an unparalleled insight into aircraft fuel usage, VISIUMFUEL™ enables operators to put in place fuel efficiency measures that not only reduce fuel costs across an entire fleet but also improve emissions trading compliance.

The end result? A profitable, sustainable airline business that is able to thrive in the highly competitive civil aviation industry.

Part of our VISIUM product suite, VISIUMFUEL™ is a proven solution that is currently being implemented by 14 airlines across 200 aircraft around the world.


Informative data that helps reduce fuel consumption

The information that VISIUMFUEL™ provides to our customers helps them to quickly understand their current fuel usage and implement immediate fuel saving initiatives.

The software also enables them to plan and track future fuel saving programmes, ensuring an ongoing focus on fuel management.

Reduce fuel consumption

Custom reports for use by all fuel decision-makers

VISIUMFUEL™ reports can be tailored to help decision-makers at all levels of an airline deliver fuel savings.

Whether it is a pilot making confident fuel-related decisions without compromising safety, or control centre staff improving the routing of aircraft to minimise unnecessary fuel consumption, VISIUMFUEL™ provides the insight they require.

Custom reports

A fully supported, flexible solution to ongoing fuel management

Suitable for use by airlines of all sizes, VISIUMFUEL™ can be tailored to meet individual needs and budgets.

It is also completely flexible and scalable, with the capability to grow as an organisation’s fuel management requirements develop over time.

Flexible solution
Solution Call-to-Action Jet engine with controls and data streams


For additional information and key facts, download the data sheet for VISIUMFUEL™, our aircraft fuel monitoring solution.

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