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Bringing a new level of detail and accuracy to aircraft fleet reporting.

VISIUMFLEET™ is a cutting edge software solution that provides civil airlines with an unparalleled insight into the status and condition of their fleet.

By generating a comprehensive set of detailed fleet reports, VISIUMFLEET™ enables operators to make informed decisions that can lead to fewer delays, minimised cancellations and reduced maintenance costs.

The end product is a more efficient, cost-effective airline business that complies with regulatory reporting requirements while also keeping a step ahead of the competition.

Used by over 200 carriers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) worldwide, VISIUMFLEET™ is a proven solution that is suitable for all types of aircraft and airline operation.

VISIUMFleet™ Features

Comprehensive reporting capability

VISIUMFLEET™ creates fully customised reports that are standard across all aircraft types.

The reports contain a wealth of information, including fleet utilisation details, pilot and maintenance reports, parts analysis and component strip reports.

Custom reports

A customised, flexible and scalable solution

VISIUMFLEET™ can be tailored to suit the individual needs and budgets of our customers.

Designed to be flexible and scalable, VISIUMFLEET™ also has the capability to grow as an airline’s fleet reporting requirements mature.

Flexible solution

Helping an airline’s many departments

The benefits of VISIUMFLEET’s reporting capabilities are felt across the many departments of an airline.

For example, engineers are able to conduct a deeper analysis of aircraft and component reliability; the purchasing department benefits from a reduced strain on inventory; and the control centre is able to limit the number of repeat component changes.

Airlines many depratments
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For additional information and key facts, download the data sheet for VISIUMFLEET™, our aircraft fleet monitoring solution.

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