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Enabling airline operators to successfully comply with the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme.

VISIUMEMISSIONS™ is an emissions monitoring solution that helps civil airlines to meet the stringent reporting requirements of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS).

An integrated module of the VISIUMFUEL™ Management Solution, VISIUMEMISSIONS™ consolidates all of an airline’s relevant fuel and operational data into a single, trusted source.

This in turn enables the production of EU ETS compliance reports that contain accurate, reliable information on an airline’s CO2 footprint using the approved emissions factors.

By providing the regulator with this vital data, operators will successfully avoid incurring any financial penalties, while also reducing the operational disruption that can result from time spent compiling data for reporting and verification.

Flexible and scalable, VISIUMEMISSIONS™ can be customised to suit the needs of airlines large and small.


Ensuring compliance with EU regulations

European Union regulations now require that aircraft operators accurately monitor and report verified data on CO2 emissions, with failure to comply carrying with it a hefty fine.

By deploying VISIUMEMISSIONS™, an airline puts itself in the strongest possible position to meet these regulations and avoid incurring the unwanted costs that come with non-compliance.

EU regulations

A single, trusted source

VISIUMEMISSIONS™ consolidates all relevant fuel and operational data into one trusted source.

This provides a single access point not only for all airline staff but also for external verifiers.

Trusted source

Identify and correct data issues before the reports are produced

It is essential that an airline’s EU ETS compliance reports are 100% accurate in order to meet the EU’s strict regulations.

Thankfully, VISIUMEMISSIONS™ is able to detect and identify data quality issues that can in turn be addressed before the compliance reports are produced.

Identify and correct data issues
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For additional information and key facts, download the data sheet for VISIUMEMISSIONS™, our aircraft emissions monitoring solution.

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