Jet engine with controls and data streams

Civil Aero

Civil Aero

Proven systems and solutions that enable safe operation, reduce costs, improve efficiency and optimise performance.

At Controls and Data Services (CDS) we are experts in delivering complete engine control systems and harnessing the power of operational data. 

Our experience of cutting edge high integrity systems has taken in everything from the first production turbofan through to the next generation of high by-pass engines.

We provide data services that enable airline operators to quickly recognise operational inefficiencies, predict potential equipment failures and pinpoint the root causes of problems across an entire fleet.

By combining controls, monitoring and data analysis services, we are able to offer a “sense, acquire, transfer, analyse, and act” capability that delivers unparalleled intelligence and leads to reduced costs, greater fleet availability, lower emissions and improved safety standards.

Ultimately, this unique end-to-end approach supports our customers in running a safe, efficient and sustainable business.

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Experience You Can Rely On

Over a half a century of experience in the civil aviation industry

We’ve been delivering our solutions to civil aviation customers around the world for over ten years. So you know you are in safe hands with CDS.

Half a century

More than 13,000 assets managed worldwide

We provide predictive equipment health management services for more than 13,000 assets on 3,000 aircraft. Our solutions are used to monitor the engines and equipment of leading aviation manufacturers including Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, IAE and GE.

13,000 assets

Over 300 civil aviation customers use our solutions

Our solutions are now deployed by over 300 civil aviation customers across the globe, from leading international and regional airlines to airports, air traffic service providers and ground handlers.

300 Aviation customers

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